Joshua Tree

At the end of our San Jacinto/Palm Springs trip, we took a slightly spontaneous detour to Joshua Tree National Park, making it there just in time for sunset. I now understand why all of the adventure blogs I follow are full of pictures from this place - it is spec.tac.u.lar. It's such a weird juxtaposition of massive rocks, open space, mountains, and Joshua trees; each curve in the road presents a new landscape to ogle. 

Our main intention in going an hour out of our way was to practice a little flash photography. Sarah and I are all about natural light, so we haven't really taken the time to get to know our external flashes very well, and we thought hanging out the in the desert with no one around to annoy with our incessant flashing would be kind of fun. Toby and Cameron came along as assistants/models, and Cameron brought some sweet light equipment from work. We practiced some double exposures, long exposures, and for the most part just played around a ton. It got really cold out, but I didn't even notice because I was having such a great time.

HAPPY FRIDAY! We have our friends John and Lauren in town this weekend, and today we're headed the Getty Center and then up to Malibu to eat some fish at Neptune's Net and hang out on the beach. Ready...set...weekend!