San Jacinto Mountains

All right, you's the big test.  I just switched over to Squarespace yesterday, and I am LOVING it so far, with the exception of a few minor learning glitches. 

Over a month ago, Toby and went on a mini vacation in Palm Springs with our friends Cam and Sarah (my wedding photography partner in crime). We drove around the mountains and took the aerial tramway to Mount San Jacinto to hike around a bit. It still blows my mind how much difference altitude can make in temperature - it was eighty degrees in Palm Springs, and up at the top it was more than thirty degrees colder. It didn't help that it was hella windy (SEE: Cam's mountain man beard blowin' in the breeze below). Mini vacations are the best. 

Okay...ready? One, two, three, I hope this thing works!