Whiskey Sunday

I rarely celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's not that I don't enjoy the holiday itself, it's just that I never make any plans (my .83%-or-whatever Irish ancestors are shaking their heads at me from their graves right now). Luckily, Patrick, Deidre & Co. over at Whiskey Sunday have asked me to take pictures at their St. Paddy's Day shows two years in a row now, so I've gotten to join in the festivities and hang out around people who really get into wearing green, drinking Guinness, and dancing like their lives depend on it. It's a sweet gig, especially because Whiskey Sunday puts on such an enjoyable show. This year I brought my friend Kalen along, and along with dancing her heart out, she graciously carried my super-cool-and-not-nerdy-at-all camera backpack for me and handed me lenses as I needed them. What a gal.