Ain't Nobody's Problem

The universe works in mysterious ways. I just discovered this song tonight, and it's saving my soul.

But I smoke that mountain air,
Honey I’ve been here, and I’ve been there.
And at times I might get lonely, honey I don’t cry,
'Cause I ain’t nobody’s problem but my own.

Read the rest of the lyrics here. I love me some Lumineers, especially on a cold, blustery night like this. I'm sitting alone at my parents' house in Minnesota, the wood-burning stove crackling on my left and a cold beer chillin' on my right while the wind whooshes around outside. It's just about the most perfect place for a girl to be. Only a few things are missing; a bed would be nice, so I could drift off to sleep without having to move a muscle.

Good night, lovers. Hope your Sunday was swell.