It's Friday, and while I didn't do much blogging this week, I sure as hell did spend a lot of time reading/watching/looking at things on the internet! Here are some of the things I'm diggin' on this fine almost-weekend morning. 


A-frames make my world go 'round: 

This conversation about photographing National Parks is pretty interesting, and now I'm obsessed with Abelardo Morell and his camera obscuras

Brain Pickings strikes again: Why friendship is a greater gift than romantic love. My favorite tidbit: "And in almost every regard, friendship delivers what love promises but fails to provide. The contrast between the two are, in fact, many, and largely damning to love’s reputation. Where love is swift, for example, friendship is slow. Love comes quickly, as the song has it, but friendship ripens with time. If love is at its most perfect in its infancy, friendship is most treasured as the years go by."

I've been trying to map out new routes for my daily runs so that I don't lose my motivation (knowing what to expect makes me both bored and anxious at the same time...is that possible?), and while I was trying to figure out a good way to do it, I came across a Google Maps Pedometer. You can draw your own routes and it'll tell you the distance between each point that you click, and it makes it super easy to back up and reroute if you change your mind and decide to go a different way. The internet really does have everything. 

I dare you to watch this and not have a mood boost of at least a couple dozen percentage points. Ah, to be able to dance like that. 


Aight, I'm headed out to do some dog walking and then I'm going to spruce up my apartment in preparation for my beautiful friend Lauren to make her grand return to southern California this weekend! Toby and I will be heading south with her so she can attend a conference in Orange County, giving us the chance to have a beach day together and explore a new chunk of the coast. Happy weekending!