I don't have a lot of experience with watching anyone or anything give birth, but a couple of weeks ago I got to watch a couple of baby lambs being born, and it was utterly beautiful. It wasn't pretty - there was a lot of fluid and blood and slime and dirt - but it was beautiful. Lydia was a rockstar, talking us through the whole process even as she had her entire right arm up a sheep's vagina.

As it turns out, first-time sheep mamas sometimes need guidance, even after their babies are born; we watched as Lydia and her mother tried to coax Clover to follow her lambs to the lambing jug, where she would clean them off and feed them for the first time, but she wasn't having any of it. Eventually they had to get a hold of her and gently walk her over while I trailed behind carrying the two lambs, so light in my arms that I thought they were going to float away, their tiny hearts beating rapidly against my chest.

When Lauren and I arrived that morning, it had been to shoot some photos of the lambs that had already been born; being able to watch a birth, and then hold two babies who had only been in this world for a few moments, was an unexpected, lovely surprise. Many thanks to Lydia, who has been a wealth of knowledge (we also visited while her sheep were being sheared to learn about that process), for the experience. I'm looking forward to many more farm trips to come. =]

**Bonus, at the bottom of this post: chick pics! After the lamb excitement, Lauren and I headed back to her place so I could meet her family's six new baby chicks: Loki, Freya, Beyla, Zisa, Pia and Nina. So much cuteness for one day.