Cabin Love

My cabin is a place of peace, good food, clear water, and relaxation. We determined that it's been our family's escape for about fourteen years now, but it seems like much less to me. Maybe that's a sign that I need to spend more time there; a difficult task when I live two thousand miles away, but not impossible, obviously, as I just went there this past weekend, and visited last summer as well. 

When I think of the cabin, I think of the smell of the lake, the faint hum of a distant speedboat, sitting on the deck reading a book and waving at the fishermen as they drift slowly in an out of view. The rain on the roof. The thermometer that is perpetually stuck at 60 degrees (my mom says that when the temperatures gets colder, it moves down to 40 and stays there). Lounging in the water on swim noodles. Paddleboarding, wake boarding, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing. Lots of -ings. Sleeping. Campfires. My dad's delicious grilled salmon. Sunset cruises around the lake with glasses of wine and a smorgasbord of appetizers. The breeze through the trees, and the laughter of the kids at the cabin across the bay. No internet, no television, just good old fashioned board games and puzzles and conversation and books made of paper.

It is one of my most favorite places in the entire world. This weekend is was just my parents and me, and I soaked up their company as best I could; it's never enough, especially when I live so far away. In between rainstorms, we took a mid-morning kayak trip around the lake together, my dad in his solo kayak and my mom and I sharing a double. We warded off swarms of mosquitoes throughout the weekend; lots of rain makes for peaceful sleeping, but unfortunately the mosquitoes love it just as much and are having a very reproductive spring thus far. I wandered around for a long chunk of time, taking the photos you see below, examining all of the textures and layers and little hidden details scattered in and around the cabin. I'll probably never manage to capture them all, but I love knowing that each time I come back for another visit, I'll find something new and interesting bits and pieces that I never noticed before. 

There is so much love in this place, and it gives me comfort to even know it exists, whether or not I can see it with my own two eyes. 

Happy first week of June, friends.