malibu rocks

Happy Friday, friends! I've been on a roll this week, crossing items off my long-suffering To Do List and getting the ball rolling on a few different projects I've been meaning to tackle for awhile. Here are a couple of things I've been diggin': 


Cassie introduced me to Project Yosemite this week, and it made me feel ALL THE FEELS. This year's my year, folks. Yosemite is happening. 

This has a lot to do with why I don't eat very much meat.

I just finished watching Dexter (except I avoided watching the series finale, because I looked up how it ended beforehand and I didn't like how everything went down, so I decided to make up my own ending in my head instead), and during one episode I realized I recognized one of the locations they were at; it was a spot on Sunset Boulevard that I drive by multiple times a week. I did some internet sleuthing, and I was interested to find out that after the first few episodes of the show, which is set in Miami, filming was moved almost exclusively to Los Angeles. This is pretty typical of many shows and movies that are supposed to take place in all sorts of locations around the world, but I wish I would have known earlier, because I love trying to spot recognizable places now that I live in LA. 

A gorgeous video about the life span of mountains.  

And last but not least, happy four-years-of-dating anniversary to this guy. Four years. Holy shit. This is now officially the longest relationship either of us has ever been in. I win. Long live Ruckson. 


Have a fantastic weekend!