Four-day weeks you guys, amirite? I got a lot of stuff done, and now I'm ready to head back up to the cabin again. I'm pretty excited about how the summer is shaping up, and that hot, sunny weather has finally arrived in Minnesota. I actually put on a tank top today! Okay, now that I've gotten the mandatory midwest small talk out of the way, here are some things I've been diggin' the past couple of weeks:


:: Seth Godin on choosing your fuel. Working off the partial list, the ones I relate to most (depending on what I'm working on) are creative itch, big dreams, and connection.

:: I've really connected with the concept of fixed vs. growth mindset, so this article struck a chord with me

:: A jolt of color in the midst of the darkness swirling around in many areas of life right now. 

:: A place to find out how to recycle plastic wrap, plastic bags, plastic packaging, etc.! 

:: This quote: 


:: A reality show I can get behind.

:: This piece by Cheryl Strayed talks about the power of writing, and why I've always felt an urge to transform my thoughts into a more tangible format. Connecting, relating, being able to say "me too", and allowing others to do the same. It's my favorite thing. 

:: Why we lie

:: An article about Juno's trip to Jupiter, including an amazing photo of Jupiter's south pole. 

:: Jason Isbell's newest song (don't listen to it if you're feeling sad - or do, if you want a good cry): 


Happy weekending, friends.