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Hello there, beautiful people, and happy Friday! I've got a ridiculous amount of links stored up from the past few months, an assortment of news and ideas and fun stuff that has caught my eye. What with the holidays I didn't blog very much for awhile, but now I'm back at it, and I'm hoping to be a little more frequent and consistent as we move into 2015. So without further ado, here are some things I've been diggin' for the past few months.


:: Mark Bittman proposed a national food policy back in November, and it made so much sense that I read it three times in a row just to get it all wrapped up in my brain. It's a little insane how simple solutions to some of the world's (and our nation's) greatest problems would be if the people in charge stopped caring so much about supporting special interests for the sake of their own campaigns and careers and instead started supporting national health and well-being, which is, theoretically, what they're elected to do. 

:: I've been on an Iceland kick lately, so I found this to be super interesting: an article about Iceland's lone banana plantation, consisting of a single greenhouse, heated by the geothermal energy of the underground lava field on which it sits. 

:: A family that goes out in search of the remotest places in the United States, only to find that most of them aren't actually that remote. 

:: My friend Shannan is doing a project named the Year of Curiosity, where she tackles a different theme/subject every month in a pretty in depth way; January's theme is Monogamy & Other Myths, and her research and posts have been absolutely fascinating; start with her post about how humans are biologically promiscuous, and go from there. 

:: A suburban neighborhood named Agritopia, which has a working farm as its central feature - food grown on the farm is sold at the neighborhood market and cooked in the neighborhood restaurant, among other things. So cool. 

:: Forest schools, which use nature as their classroom, are slowly becoming more common in California. At these schools, kids explore the outdoors every day and use nature learn about all different areas of education. You can damn well bet that if I have children, they will be going to a school like this, even if I have to start one myself. 

:: One-star reviews of National Parks on Yelp

:: I found these official Brazilian dietary guidelines to be intriguing; they're very different from ours here in the USA in that they are not based on nutrients, but on actions surrounding eating. My favorite, is #5: "Eat regularly and carefully in appropriate environments and, whenever possible, in company."

:: I'm currently helping to start a new company named Connect the Grey; I'm planning on writing more about it soon, but in the meantime, here's a post I just wrote to launch our blog!

:: Last, but DEFINITELY not least, "Thinking Out Loud", by Ed Sheeran. The song itself and its accompanying music video (below) are a couple of the sexiest, most sensual things to reach my eyes and ears in quite awhile. When I was in college I created a playlist called Babymakin' Music, and if I hadn't lost the playlist when I transferred everything over to my new computer, this song would have instantly gotten a top spot. I haven't felt this way about a song since I first heard "You Make It Real", by James Morrison. And oh, to be able to dance like that girl. I swoon. 

Happy Friday!