A lot of this week's links are from 2015 - I meant to publish a Diggin' post October of that year, but apparently I never did. I've been taking this week to clear out old blog posts, consolidate drafts (you guys, I have so many thoughts in my head, and it turns out a lot of them are repetitive), and plan ahead! One day at a time. 

:: A visual exploration of the pipeline controversy.

:: Along the same lines: overpopulation & overconsumption in pictures.

:: And another: toxic beauty.

:: Two poems about listening to your voice, ending relationships and circumstances that weren't right for you, and realizing that sometimes leaving actually means arriving; one by Mary Oliver, and one by David Whyte - both poems given the same title: The Journey.

:: The quietest square inch in the United States

:: I often feel overwhelmed at how much humans are ruining the planet, and how I little I, as one person, can do to stop it. 

:: The joyful, illiterate kindergartners of Finland

:: If only this would go through: a plan to turn the Hiawatha Golf Course in Minneapolis into a food forest!

Happy weekending!