Dog Days

Summer doesn't really exist in Los Angeles. I does, obviously, because the days get longer and more people spend time at the beach, but to a non-native like myself, it's pretty much just a continuation of the same 70s-and-sunny weather that persists almost every single day, year round. 

It's during moments like these, when the sun is shining and kids are splashing in the pool and I'm eating Goldfish and drinking a beer and talking to friends and listening to music that I really feel as though summer is alive and well. Maybe it's because it evokes memories from my childhood - because, really, what's more summery than a pool party?

My LA group of friends is an eclectic mix, and whenever we all spend time together, I get buzzed on creativity. We are designers and carpenters and actors and filmmakers, composer and illustrators and photographers and yogis and writers. This is what Los Angeles is about. It's a necessary reminder of what I love about this place in a time when I'm not so sure this is where I still want to be. And this pool, which belongs to our beautiful and generous friend Jenne, is the place we most commonly all come together. It's a place of community for us; it's one of the places in Los Angeles that feels the most like home to me. 

More pool days, please. =]