I have a lot of photos sitting silently in digital catalogs, fully edited and completely worthy of sharing, because I've visited a lot of beautiful places in the past couple of years, but something has been keeping me from sharing them. As I've transitioned into this new phase of my life, I've been finding comfort in keeping to myself. I've become a bit of a hermit, in my new apartment by the lake; it's easy to spend several sun-dappled days getting work done and not speaking to another soul. The ducks on the water outside keep me company with their quacking, as did the many little bugs and centipedes that used to join me in my living room before I got the window screens fixed a couple of weeks ago. 

But with my silence has also come an increased sense of anxiety. Not expressing myself, either through writing things out or by having meaningful conversations with people, is kind of like breathing the wrong kind of oxygen, which leaves me feeling breathless and out of sorts, and lately, I haven't been doing a whole lot of either. I've been journaling more, which has been a wonderful outlet, but I miss that feeling of connection, of relating to others and being reminded that we are all in this friggin' thing called life together, people. 

I've been sick for the past week, and I'm just now starting to feel better enough to venture out and resume my normal routine (whatever that means) - it's been a week of almost constant isolation, and not the chosen kind, either; I turned twenty-nine last Wednesday, and I spent the whole day on my futon, alone, feeling slightly pathetic and sneezing every ten minutes. After several days in that scenario, I am feeling so restless and so ready to DO something, anything, that I think my hermit days might be nearing their end. I'm really excited about The North Project, and I have lots of fun adventures to share, some of them that already happened over a year ago, which seems like another lifetime. And you guys, it's AUTUMN. In MINNESOTA! This is the best kind of time to be getting shit done. 

So anyway...hopefully this blog will be looking more alive in the near future. Also, I just finished my Netflix run-through of the entire series of Friends, so my productivity is about to skyrocket. Be prepared. 

Happy Monday!