California Dreamin'

About a month ago, I went to Los Angeles.

I have something to say:  I. LOVE. CALIFORNIA. I love it so much that I just used every font enhancer available to express my feelings, with the exception of strike-through, because that would make it seem like I don't mean it when I say that, which I do. I have loved it since I was sixteen-going-on-seventeen, which is when The OC aired its first episode. I just had to look that up and do the math...I definitely thought I was younger when The OC started. It feels like I've loved California for a lot longer than seven years. Speaking of which: it's been seven years since I was seventeen? When the heck did that happen?

But I digress. There's far too much math and time and age stuff going on in this post.So where was I? Oh yes. California.

I've always had a thing for large bodies of water. There is something so epic and timeless about them. Like I said in my last post, I've been having a hard time feeling inspired lately, whether it's because of the weather, or the doldrums of my adult routine, or just because I'm stuck in a life rut, but man...our first day in California we headed straight for the beach, and when we got there, my entire mentality on the universe flipped.

The ocean humbles me but at the same time awakens my sense of being. It makes me re-realize my humanity, but it's the kind of humanity that strives to do something more. There's nothing better than sitting on the beach, wriggling my toes into the sand, and watching the ceaseless waves providing such constant sound that it actually makes it easier to think, because nothing else is loud enough to distract me.

And for some reason, the ocean often sparks deep conversations.

The wave-crashing that makes it so easy to burrow into your own thoughts also makes it easy to feel a sense of privacy when words actually do leave your mouth. You can sit close to another person and have a conversation, and the only ones who will hear what you have to say are that other soul and the ocean. I find comfort in that. It lets me speak more freely and then the ideas and dreams flow more freely too. Ocean time was exactly what I needed in my lives-in-the-middle-of-the-country life.

But all right, enough of the deep stuff. The ocean is also fun for playtime and thoughtlessly lounging. And we did plenty of those things too. 


I feel so at home in Los Angeles. The ocean is definitely one perk, but then there's also the constant excitement, the sense that big things are happening all over the city and that you could stumble upon something entertaining at any moment. It's such a hub of creativity - so many types of artists and people living out their dreams. Everything feels possible. There's sunshine and everything is alive all year long. And it's WARM. Warm warm warm warm. No snow, ever. Love it.

So we explored all week, hiking the hills and staring at the valleys below us, traveling up the coast to Malibu, and, of course, making sure to hit up Santa Monica and Hollywood. It was wonderful. I let go. I relaxed. I allowed myself to dream about what could be. And it was good. I miss it already, but I'll be back soon.

Golden Glow

A Bug's Life

Under the Pier

Creepin' on Hollywood

Santa Monica Pier

Just a little side note: that last photo above got chosen by the LAist web site as the featured photo for their daily Extra, Extra column! I even got a little credit underneath (I'm chickpokipsie). I was pretty jazzed about it. And they chose one of my favorites. I love the colors in that photo, which I can't take credit for - all are courtesy of the natural beauty of the Santa Monica shoreline and pier.

Special shout out goes to Mr. Nick JL for hosting us and making us delicious egg bakes and generally putting up with us for a week.

Boiyeled Geeyoouuse =]

Happy weekend!