I own a bike.

Bike Season

That's not it. But it's the same color, so just use your imagination.

It's actually my mom's bike, but I started bringing it to camp with me during the summer, and since then it's started migrating around with me; first to college, and now to the city.

I would estimate that I rode my bike a total of five times last summer, and only one of those times was riding it to work. This summer, I vowed to change that, and so far I've been pretty successful. I meant to start about a month ago, but instead I stayed true to my late bloomer tendencies and hopped on it for the first time last week. The only thing that stood between me and coasting along the Greenway for those three weeks was the simple fact that the tires were out of air. "But Rachel," you might say, "Why didn't you just walk it over to the free air pump at the bike shop directly across the street from you?" That is a legitimate question, and my only answer is that my procrastination habit is a piece of work. I'm yet to overcome it. I'll get there.

I eventually went over to the bike shop and spent $30 on a foot pump. I know, I know.

I even rode it today, despite the heat. But I have to be honest: heat is my friend, so it's really not that big of a deal. During the winter, I'll complain your ears off about the cold all day long if you'll let me, but once the temperature starts to hover around 80 and the humidity sets in, you'll hardly hear a peep from me. I love to sweat. I love a breeze that doesn't give me goosebumps. I adore falling asleep with no sheets on and waking up in the wee hours of the morning to groggily and haphazardly pull them over just my legs because I am just the right amount of chilly. I love sitting in a sundress with the fan blowing on me and the windows open (we don't have air-conditioning), and I think that hot summer evenings are the bees knees.

I also love the spirit of Minnesotans in the summer. My route to and from work crosses over the Greenway, which is only about two blocks from my apartment, so today instead of going straight home, I decided to take a detour around Lake Calhoun. There are about three beaches around the lake, and as I passed each one, the smell of sunscreen wafted over me, mixed in with the weedy scent of the water and the sounds of splashing and laughing and little kids squealing. I saw people doing every single kind of summer activity imaginable today, and I knew we were a part of it, my bike and me. And it felt good.

My only regret is that I didn't have my camera with me, and had to rely on my phone to take a few photos of what was a breathtakingly gorgeous day.


Afterwards, I settled down in a shady spot to read The Help, eat a pear and people watch.


I've felt very productive overall lately. Not in the "I'm getting a ton of stuff done" way, but more in the "I am sucking the marrow out of life" (to quote Kelle Hampton, who quotes Henry David Thoreau) way. I volunteered at the Minneapolis Farmers Market again, and left at the end of the morning feeling like I had learned something and bubbling over with how happy it made me.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

We also went to see The Daredevil Christopher Wright open for We Are The Willows at their EP release show at Loring Theater. I drank wine, enjoyed conversations, and listened to wonderful music. I left slightly giggly-er and warmer than when I arrived, and felt nothing but contentment.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright
The Daredevil Christopher Wright


We Are The Willows
We Are The Willows

A few Things I'm diggin' right now:
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The view from the Endless Bridge at The Guthrie:



Happy Bike Season!

(Again! It's the first photo, the one of the beach. LAist, thank you for making me feel good about myself. You rock.)