Catching Up

Uff. Da. I know that people are always saying they want to take time away from technology to enjoy life and breathe a little, but let me tell you...five days without a laptop and three days without internet service on my phone does not a peaceful mind make. Blogs and emails and Facebook, oh my. I think I'm finally almost caught up, though. I had a great time in NYC and at the Rosenthal wedding in New York state, and I'm heading back to work tomorrow! I'll write more about my trip later.

Times Square


Things I'm diggin' right now:

-"Love Me" by The Little Willies
-Awesome people hanging out together
-People recreating their childhood photos
-A web site about taking pictures next to tourists taking pictures. This one made me laugh pretty hard.
-An interesting article about inversions (the yoga kind, not the math kind)

Happy Tuesday!