July 4th

I love fireworks.

Even more, though, I love the people that I share them with. And this 4th of July was no exception.

This year ended up being a reunion of sorts. A bunch of friends from camp who used to get together for game night every week, now together again playing Bang on a blanket on a hill in Minneapolis on a GORGEOUS July day, waiting for color to explode in the sky.

We met at the house of my friends Lauren and John for some barbecue and bubbles, and then packed up our coolers and cars and headed over to Gold Medal Park, next to the Guthrie Theater, to set up camp on the side of a hill overlooking the river.

I got the distinct honor of riding in Lauren and John's yellow Jeep Wrangler. The top was off, the air was deliciously balmy, and Jack Johnson was blasting from the speakers. If I closed my eyes, I was able to pretend we were in Hawaii; the only things missing were palm trees and the ocean.

Spending time with this group of people makes me feel a mix of emotions. Nostalgia for days past, happiness that our bonds are so strong that we can come back together and hardly feel the difference, and a sense of hope for the future of our friendships. Such a great night.

It was also really fun watching the sun set behind the Guthrie.

And then came the fireworks. I spent some time trying to take some normal photos of them, but they were too far away and nothing was working, so I turned off my auto focus and decided to let the bokeh take over. I think it worked out nicely.



And then we headed home, the night breeze blowing on our faces and JJ playin' a little softer this time. I drank in the chatter of people as they walked back to their cars, and thanked the universe for holidays and the feeling of sharing common experiences with strangers and friends alike. Good times.

Happy belated 4th of July!