Off-Handed Throwing Contests

I am the lucky girlfriend of a very creative and ridiculous boy; total credit for this idea goes to him. This past year, whenever we've been bored and in some kind of open space (you wouldn't think this would be that common a situation, but it's actually happened quite a few times), Toby has picked a target and told everyone to find a stone and throw it at the target with their non-dominant hand to see who can get the closest to hitting it. Not surprisingly, Toby is getting very good at this game. The game results in laughter, people looking really stupid, and someone occasionally hitting the target.

After putting an "off-handed throwing contest" photo in my last post, I browsed back through older posts and realized that I haven't ever actually put up photos from past contests. Here they are:

More of these to come, I'm sure.

A few things I'm diggin' right now:

:: A possible plot line for the Arrested Development movie that I hope times a million they actually end up making

::A more personalized kind of yoga

::A quote from Kirsten Dunst (where has she been lately?) about gaining confidence with age (I know, she's still pretty young, but I think that's why it's such a good one; it's important for all of us twentysomethings to remember)

Happy first day of me not sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life (fingers crossed)!