When Friends Are In Town

When friends are in town, I do the activities I always say I'm going to do, like go to yoga by the lake, have a picnic in the park in front of my work building, and take photos of downtown.

They come from Miami, Washington DC, Denver (in spirit), and Maple Grove (=P). They inspire me to be happy, and they remind me of who I have been; who I am.

Soon I'll be an out-of-towner too, so these reunions give me hope. No matter where in the world we all are, we can still come together as if the distance never existed and talk about love and life while sipping chilled white wine out of small, blue plastic cups and eating kettle chips on a checkered flannel blanket in front of an office building in the middle of the day as men and women in their business suits stroll past on their lunch break. 

We can do yoga next to each other for an hour and not say a word, but it doesn't matter, because we're still in the same place at the same time doing something we both enjoy.

I love you, amigas. You make my life sparkle.

Things I'm diggin' right now:

- Minimalist posters for your favorite childrens' stories (cute idea for when I get over my current terror of having children)

-A dress that ISN'T sold out in my size. Gonna buy it tomorrow.

-A pretty time lapse video of a day in California

-Mixing technology and "the olden days" to send love to the ones you love

-Boobies and babies - a hilarious article about why women shouldn't be involved in business, breast feed in public, or have their birth control covered by health insurance (just read it)

Peace dizzles.