When we moved to Los Angeles a whole four days ago, I thought it was going to take us a couple of weeks to find a great apartment. False. Apartment successfully procured, in the heart of West Hollywood, in our target area, close to a million fun things to do and see. Now I just need to get a job to pay for it.

When we got there to give the landlady our deposit, our friend Adam showed us a sign that had been hung on the pole of the traffic light on the corner close to our apartment. He said he had just noticed it a couple of days ago, and he thinks someone just climbed up there and stuck it on to spread some inspiration.

It's kind of hard to read because the lens I was using doesn't zoom in that close, but it says, "Today you should draw a picture of what you think it's going to look like when you get there." Super fitting, right? I'm no good at drawing, but I did take some photos to show you what it IS going to look like, because we already ARE there (well, by Tuesday at the latest).

Living area

Width of the living area
Yay living room!
Dining area
First class chef, hard at work
Kitchen! This is probably the room I am most excited about.

Bathroom! This is probably the room Toby is most excited about
Mega closet  in the bedroom
Closets (this apartment has SO much storage space!) - to the left is the bathroom,
to the right, the door to the main area, behind the camera = the bedroom
Renting an apartment is hard work

So there it is! It's going to look like that for awhile, since we own no furniture...but once we actually move in, we'll start looking.

Toby has been through many apartments, but this is the first apartment I have found/rented all on my own, so I am absolutely supremely amazingly stoked right now.

Until we move in sometime in the next week, we're staying with our friends Adam and Eliza in Los Feliz, which is ten to fifteen minutes east of our apartment. OUR APARTMENT. IN WEST HOLLYWOOD, you guys! Who's excited? Me.

Aight, that's all for now...Toby and I also apparently brought a heat wave with us to Los Angeles, so we're all very warm and tired out right now...nap time. And then job-finding. I promise, Mom.

Things I'm diggin' right now:

:: OK GO sings the theme song for The Muppets - very excited for this movie!

:: Interpretive dancing, awesome style. You win, Britain.

:: 90s music acapella medley remix, Brady Bunch style.

:: Le shack. This makes me want to be rich. And French.

:: World's largest water balloon fight