The In-Between

Ever since I finished my job in Minneapolis three weeks ago, life has been a bit ambiguous. Luckily, the first week was filled with packing, organizing, and good-byes, and the second week consisted of a road trip across the western part of the country (photos still to come). I felt productive. Then we arrived in Los Angeles, and the past week has been partially filled with apartment hunting and awesome, Los Angeles-y activities, but I'm going to be very honest with you: we have spent a large amount of time lounging in sunshine.

Don't get me wrong; there have been productive hours and days. Apartments have been found, jobs have been sought out, resumes have been updated, and hikes have been taken. Artistic and sarcastic conversations have occurred, movies have been watched, and delicious food has been cooked. But oh, the sunshine.

The photos above are a view of the window from our bed in Adam and Eliza's adorable studio in Los Feliz. We started out the week at our friend Nick's, where we had an entire two-bedroom apartment to ourselves for three days, and then we migrated over to this apartment, where Adam and Eliza had set up a little nook just for us. It is so cozy and wonderful that I am tempted to recreate it in our new place.

There are four of us in this not-so-big studio, and the generosity of these two souls in giving up their space for an undetermined number of days has astounded me. They've cooked for us, given up work time for us, and made us feel welcome in their home.

We awake in the morning to daylight streaming in next to our faces through a wide open window, occasionally mixed with the crunching and crashing noises of the garbage truck picking up its morning treasure or a dog barking across the street. From there, the day is ours. I have finally gotten time to organize my photo library and catch up on the numerous Daily Show/Colbert Report episodes occupying my Hulu queue (I'm down to the last two!). Adam and Eliza both work from home, so there has been a sense of community as we all share the same small space all day long, listening to music and occasionally interjecting the lack of conversation with an, "Oh my gosh, you have to see this video," or "What do you guys want to eat for lunch?". It's been peaceful. A refuge from the newness of this city, which is just what I needed. I can only hope to make my apartment as homey and comfortable as this.

We also went to the beach. Duh. Did you really think I would go a full week without hitting up my BFF, the ocean? Puh-lease. Per usual, it was gloriously sunshiney, hilly, and sandy, if not a tad too windy.

Windy Zuma

Actually, it was REALLY windy. Like...desert-in-the-middle-of-a-sandstorm windy. Adam and Toby attempted to boogie board, but the surf was too rough, so they eventually gave up and we played on the beach instead. The wind gradually covered our blankets with more and more sand, and it became impossible to lay back down on them without shaking pounds of it off, so we didn't bother.

Even a passing seagull didn't seem to notice where the beach ended and the blanket began.

Sandy Camouflage

I love, love, LOVE me some Malibu.

Lifeguard Hut




Seaweed at Zuma Beach


So many more beach photos to come in this new, West Coast life of mine.

A couple of things I'm diggin' right now:

:: An amazing impressionist who is based right here in LA. Hopefully we'll go see him live at some point.

:: The song "Brand New Spaces", by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald; minus the part about breaking up with someone, this song is how I felt about moving to California. This guy's from Canada, and his whole album is great. Check him out (you can listen to more of his music on the left hand side of his site).

We move in to our apartment tomorrow! I absolutely cannot wait to make it my own.

Life is good. TGIF!