Road Trip Part 1: The Badlands

It's been a busy week! Lots of job and furniture hunting, along with trying to settle in to our new place. We finally bought a kitchen table today, and I'm pretty proud of it. Now we just need to start filling our empty living room with something besides piles of clothing. And once we get chairs to put around the table, we'll actually have somewhere to sit besides our air mattress! LA is so glamorous, you guys.

Anyway, we've had super spotty internet this past week (because we're stealing it from our neighbor), and we finally have full bars (this guy is such an internet hog, what does he do all day, just sit around watching Hulu vidoes on his lap top?), so I finally uploaded some photos of the first leg of our road trip. Because we're so busy, the next few posts will probably just be road trip photos and a brief update, and then once we settle in to a better routine and have our own internet (tomorrow, if all goes well), I'll start posting again fo realz.

I was starting to get a little homesick, and then I saw all the Facebook statuses (stati?) about how the weather went from 90 degrees to the Ice Age in less than a week. Homesickness cured.


P.S. We caravanned with our good friends Brent and Katie on this first part of our journey. They're on a great adventure of their own: driving out to Seattle, biking down the Pacific coast from Seattle to Santa Barbara, taking a train back up, and then driving home. Check out their blog about their travels!