Road Trip Part 3: The Final Leg (Or: Lots of Photos of Scenery)

Here are the last photos from the road trip! I allowed myself to stare in awe at the Rockies as we drove through them, and I didn't take many photos. Sometimes you just can't portray epic-ness, as I learned during this trip, and I wanted to spend some time without the camera glued to my face. Also, most of these photos were taken from the car, because we had to drive fifteen hours in such a short amount of time that we didn't have a lot of extra time for stopping.

We traversed from Colorado into Utah, hopped over to New Mexico for a bit, and then dove into Nevada. I couldn't tell where one state ended and the other began; it all looked the same to me. Gorgeous, but tiring. I completely understand why no one lives in that area of the country. It's desolately beautiful and jagged, but completely uninhabitable. It actually began to make me feel a bit tense, because it seemed to last forever. Miles would pass between passing another car, and at some points there were stretches of a hundred miles or more between rest stops. As we neared Vegas, the land flattened out and signs of civilization appeared, which allowed me to relax a bit. There was some kind of forest fire going on in the mountains north of Vegas, and we drove past them as the sun set, so there are some pretty cool photos of that as well.

Our plan had been to sleep in Vegas for the night, but the hotel's idea of "secure parking" was a security guard that walked through once an hour, and completely open access to the public and the casino, so we ended up making the extra four-and-a-half hour trek to LA. Time of arrival: 2am. Needless to say, not many photos were taken after Vegas, because all of our efforts were put towards staying awake.
I had an interview today, and I think it went well, so here's to hoping it works out. 

All of this job hunting and being a twenty-something-with-no-career-yet-ing has been getting me down this week, but then this guy jumped in and filled me with inspiration. Thank you, reality television, for all that you do.


Can you imagine living in a town with this as the constant backdrop? It felt like the moon. 

The road from whence we came
This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. The lighting! The shadows! The angles! So pretty.

Liz Lemon. What a little trooper.

I took this before we figured out it was smoke. At first we thought it was just a weird cloud, but then we used our combined powers of intelligence to deduce that clouds just don't look like that unless that have a foreign substance in them. 

I was so proud of myself for capturing this at 80mph.
This looks pretty until you realize that all of the smears and smudges are the guts of dead bugs on the windshield.
Leaving the last of the buttes behind as the sun sets

Smoky sunset

We finally saw the origin of the smoke off the the distance (I then proceeded to take a million photos of it, even though I knew I'd have to delete 75% of them later)

Billowing smoke

We got closer and closer...
And then suddenly we were right by the mountain and could see how big the fire was

The sun sets on fires north of Vegas
Leaving the fire behind

Sunset in Nevada
Vegas at dusk
Line of Cars
Our first taste of southern California traffic. This was the Friday night of labor day weekend, and all of these cars were heading from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This white, shiny snake of a line went on for more than two hours of our drive from Vegas to LA. Luckily, we were headed the opposite direction. As you can see, there is no one ahead of us, and it was the same behind us. 

Happy Tuesday!