Welp, We're Here

Hi all! Lots of stuff to do and lots of photos to edit before I want to post any of them on here, but I just wanted to check in and say: WE MADE IT! As if you didn't already know that from my millions of Facebook updates this past week. I'll write more about the road trip later (as well as show you far too many photos of mountains and sunsets). It was super fun, but it's great to be off the road, out of the car, and in an apartment, even if it's not our own.

 The plan for this week is to update resumes, apply for jobs, and find our own place to live. Until then, our amazing friends Nick, Adam, and Eliza are being extremely generous and sharing their homes/time with us while we search. Hopefully we won't have to make them put up with us for too long (fingers crossed)! If you're in the LA area and know of any job or apartment openings, I'm all ears! Last night we went to see Edward Scissorhands and eat a picnic supper in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which shares a border with Paramount Studios. After waiting in a line that wrapped halfway around an extremely large block and assuming we wouldn't get in because we hadn't bought tickets ahead of time, we paid tend dollars in cash and followed the crowd to the outdoor "theater". I didn't get many photos of the cemetery because we were in a rush to make sure we got good seats, but I hope to go back and explore it more thoroughly sometime; it's huge and sprawling (kinda like LA), the clusters of gravestones mixing with tall, skinny palm trees that were framed against a beautiful, darkening sky as we walked through it.

 We set up camp near the back edge of the massive lawn (but we still had a fantastic view), and people watched and ate dinner until the movie started. You could tell that many of the people around us were pros at the whole movie-in-the-cemetery thing; there were blankets adorned with candles, coolers full of beer, and mini buffet tables laden with picnic feasts. Someday we'll go back and do it right, although I was completely content with our meal as it was. Adam and Eliza brought all the fixins' for great sandwiches, and Eliza also brought some of her delicious homemade peanut butter balls dipped and hardened in chocolate. Toby and I brought the orange pop (that's soda, for all you West Coasters), and we chowed down and then watched the movie. It got really chilly as evening turned to night (see, I TOLD you it's not always super hot here!), and to our left the Griffith Observatory lights came on up on the hill in the distance as the sun went down and the sky changed from blues and pinks to purples and blacks, finally leaving us with a starry ceiling decorated with a bright white half moon. The atmosphere of the event was great; the audience laughed loudly and at all the right times and people allowed those around them to step on their blankets as they wove their way to the road to go to the bathroom.

 Moral of the story: if this is what hanging out in LA is like, I'm never going back to Minnesota (sorry mama). It was a perfect introduction to a beautiful city. And the weather so far has been exactly as promised: sunny, in the 70s, and clear! Absolutely gorgeous.

 Anyway, I wrote way more than I was planning to, and I have lots to do, so I'm outtie. A few photos of last night:

Peace out.