Up North

Announcement: I will never, ever, ever get tired of the ocean (nor will I ever get tired of talking about it). Every time I drive far enough west and the view of endless water stretching into the horizon comes into sight, my heart soars, and I say to myself, "I live here". It will never get old.

A couple of weeks ago, I left the Los Angeles area and went "up north" to experience the ocean along what I've learned is called the Central Coast.

We stayed in a town named Morro Bay, which is about twenty minutes outside of San Luis Obispo. I could not have asked for a more relaxing weekend away. It's a small town with incredibly nice people and amazing views. The photo above is of Morro Rock, which is this epic chunk of stone jutting out of the ocean just offshore from town. It's an image straight out of Thailand, but we're lucky enough to be able to experience it much closer to home.

And the best part of the weekend? My employers happen to have a beach house in Morro Bay named Gull Cottage, and they let us stay there for the night. We were meeting up with Brent and Katie, who, if you'll remember, accompanied us on the first leg of our road trip to California, and it was the perfect place for them to crash at the end of their epic bike journey. An adorable cottage that fits six, a short walk away from the beach and a short drive away from the town and all of the cute shops and restaurants, and all for an incredibly affordable price, even for a little broke girl like me. We will be going back.

Some photos below (the next time we go back, I'll take more of the inside of the cottage); definitely check out the rental site and if you ever have the chance, go to Morro Bay and rent the cottage. You won't be sorry.

The living/dining area

Our bedroom

And now, some sunset/beach/ocean pictures. The beauty of this trip...indescribable. Until I hone my writing skills and vocabulary to better describe awesome gorgeousness, photos will have to do.

Brent's awesome neck beard

Amazing fish tacos at Tognazzini's, right on the harbor

I got a Duluth vibe from Morro Bay, but Toby said it still felt very southern California to him. There was just this...chill in the air, a briskness that whispered sweet songs of autumn in my ear and necessitated bundling up in a sweatshirt and jeans. Add a large body of water, a harbor and a bunch of nice people, and the only difference is the scent of salt water in the air. I felt very at home.

As the weekend came to an end, we drove in to San Luis Obispo to eat lunch and see Brent and Katie off as they boarded a train back to Seattle. SLO has streets lined with large, leafy trees and cute bars and shops that reminded us of Boulder, which I luuurved. I'm excited to explore more of that area as well.

Yes, this is a giant alley filled with gum-covered walls

Adios, thunder thighs!

On the way home, I made Toby stop in Shell Beach. And then Santa Barbara. I couldn't get enough of the ocean. Like I said: this is going to be a common, constant occurrence. Love. It.

Shell Beach:

Santa Barbara:

And then...we came across this assortment

A couple of minutes later, we passed the owners - a couple of hipster college students who said they had been running around Santa Barbara terrorizing the town with their horse mask on. I kind of wished it could have remained a mystery. 

You guys, we didn't even write this! Meant to be. I'm pretty sure the hipster kids (see above) wrote it...

What's going on in my life right now, you ask? I'm loving my job, loving my weekends at Hermosa Beach with Cam and Sarah, I did a little model test shoot today (whaaat?), an Etsy shop is in the works, and right now I'm watching Sex & The City and drinking a glass of red wine. So...awesomeness is going on.

Something I'm diggin' right now: a fairly funny video/blog post about being Ryan Gosling's "girlfriend". RG has been a common theme in my life lately, and I found this paragraph to be especially poignant: "What is it about Ryan Gosling that gets the Hey Girl going? It’s his face, I think. And, frankly, the fact that we know...but we don’t know. He’s very good at being expressive without expressing anything. Which is why people keep expressing for him. Or at him."

...Right?! If you don't know what she's talking about, please go watch The Notebook or Drive right now. Perfect description.

Aight. More SATC is headed my way, and then a good long night of sleep and not using an alarm to wake up. Happy weekend!