My Hulu Queue

Something wonderful has happened in my life, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the ocean, or this.

Gossip Girl just became available on Hulu.

I am a shameless addict to a large number of television shows, so I don't mind telling you how much I love Gossip Girl. I started watching season one a couple of years after the show debuted, and in spite of myself, I was immediately hooked. I had read a few of the Gossip Girl books when they first came out, and I told myself that the show seemed like, soooo stupid, and I would never let myself give in to such a shallow piece of pop culture. But if I'm being honest...I never had a chance.

Unfortunately, it's never been on Hulu, because it's on The CW and for some reason the network had never partnered with Hulu. Until now (yayayayay!). I signed on to Hulu, and the first thing I saw on the main page was a screen shot of a bunch of CW shows and an announcement of partnership. Perfect timing, too, because I had almost forgotten about GG - I was five episodes behind! Unallowable.

Now Gossip Girl can join an already long list of shows that I watch on a weekly basis. I counted them, and in total there are now seventeen shows* that get posted to my queue whenever a new episode airs. That many shows plus my fondness of catching up on entire seasons of cable series in one sitting equals a lot of hours of television-watching on my hands. As a result, I have a serious love/frustration relationship with my Hulu queue. I feel love it because it brings me joy and keeps me entertained; it gives me something to look forward to, and I genuinely feel a lot of happiness when I am watching [insert name of one of seventeen television shows here]. I feel frustration for it because it just. won't. stop. filling. up. No matter how much time I spend getting the number in my queue to drop from 15 to 6, the next morning those episodes that I watched are just going to be replaced by five more episodes of whatever aired Wednesday night. Stupid prime time. And don't even get me started on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. They air four nights a week. Each.

I've started to multitask my way through my Hulu watching. I'll check my email, read articles, look at photos, and even blog (yes, blog; as I wrote the first part of this post, I was watching this week's episode of Up All Night) while a show is playing. This may sound like a productive, timesaving method, but in reality, it just means that I end up not being able to focus very well on any of the above. I hardly actually see any of the scenes because the show is playing in a different tab from all of my other tasks, and I often find myself realizing I missed hearing an entire dialogue because I was reading a piece on Hello Giggles. So then I have to go to the Hulu page and try to click back to where my brain stopped listening. Usually this takes me a good thirty seconds, and by the time the video has loaded up again, I'm already back to not paying attention. And repeat. All for the sake of being able to see my queue numbers decrease, one by one.

If you're waiting for me to come to some sort conclusion about all of this, you're going to be here for a long time. I will continue to add shows and hope that either the fall pilots suck or something gets cancelled (I can honestly say that I was relieved when The Playboy Club and Charlie's Angels got the ax). What's a girl to do? I love television, and I don't actually own one! Hulu is my only option. And no, I cannot choose shows to get rid of. How dare you. I'm going to pretend you didn't even say that. I guess I'll just keep blindly multitasking until I am able to buy a television and one of those newfangled things everyone's using these days - what are they called? Tivo? DVR? At least then I'll be able to watch my shows playing on a screen entirely separate from my computer. Baby steps.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the second half of the most recent episode of Gossip Girl to watch. I paused it in the middle for the sake of actually being able to finish writing this post (it's all for you, people), but the time has come for me to continue my journey. Right now my queue says 7, but in less than thirty minutes it will say 6, which means I will be one step closer to achieving that elusive 0. The battle continues.

A few things I'm diggin' right now:

::Looking at expensive fingernail polish. I can in no way afford it right now, but I'm about to crack and buy some of this stuff "for the holidays" (aka: for no justifiable reason except for the fact that I really want to own it):


Right? It looks like edible liquid gold. I think the main reason I like fingernail polish is that it makes my fingernails look like pieces of candy. More here and here (the second one has Muppets-inspired shades, I kid you not). It's decided: I'm going to become a nail polish lover.

::Also, this song:

:: And, per usual, Stephen Colbert.

Happy 11/11/11!

*And they are:
30 Rock
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show
Desperate Housewives
Modern Family
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Up All Night
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
Pan Am
Gossip Girl
Saturday Night Live