Rainy Season

Last weekend, I went to San Diego for the first time. It rained. A lot. As in...downpoured pretty much the entire day. We were only there for about twelve hours on Saturday, visiting our friend Elena, who was in town for a wedding for the week.

I've been hearing a lot about "the rainy season" and "the autumn rains" on the radio lately. It's a complete one-eighty from the usual [sic, Rachel's brain], "Hey, it's starting to get super cold now, and it's not going to get any warmer for the next five months, and soon the sky will start pooping ice on you, and that won't go away either" that I have grown up hearing every year. It's the nicest one-eighty ever. I'll take rainy season over winter any day.

It was glum and overcast when we arrived in the morning, and we decided to take a stroll along the beach before the forecasted rain moved in. There were lots of surfers, which made sense, because there were lots of giant waves.

We walked out on the pier, and every few minutes it would shake as a wave crested into it. I would have been nervous, but there was an entire hotel with cottages built on top of the pier, so it had to have been safe. Right?

We had just enough time to take a quick walk on the actual sand before the droplets started falling, and we hightailed it into a Starbucks (because I drink coffee now; did I mention that yet?) just as it began to pour.

We drove to downtown San Diego, ate at an epically delicious restaurant in Little Italy, and then took a driving tour of the city. Just as we were about to give up and head back to the mansion Elena was staying in (it was, literally, a mansion; yet another example of "only in southern California"), we spotted a bridge, and decided to take an adventure. Thanks to technology, my GPS got us to the bridge, which took us over to an "island" across the bay from downtown San Diego.

It was there that I experienced my first Southern California frozen yogurt. Cake batter with every single kind of junk food and candy the place had (mine's the modge podge one at the top on the left).

Courtesy of Elena and her cell phone
And then the clouds broke just as the sun was setting and we were finishing our yogurt...and the day was saved.

Lucky for us, we were on an island, so all we had to do was follow the sun and find the closest beach. Once again, nature delivered, hardcore.

Obligatory jumping photo - Toby lasted for about two of them, then said "I refuse to do this any more" and walked off to collect sand dollars. 

Spinny photos

Ah, life.

So that's about it for now. Short on words tonight, because I'm tired and have much to do before my beautiful friend Sarah comes to visit for the weekend! It's time to put our futon to use.

Happy week!

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