Some People Just Dress Up As Fabulous

I have been short on words lately, and I am absurdly aware of it. Because every day here in LA brings a bucketload of new experiences, my senses have become slightly overwhelmed, and my brain is having an especially hard time translating thoughts and emotions into actual words. I'm going to start attempting to remedy that this month (a November resolution, if you will; why should we only be able to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year?) by trying to post on a regular basis, and by using more words to go along with my pictures.

And what better way than to start with an event that is incredibly word-worthy: my first WeHo Halloween.

Before I say anything more, I should credit my friend Eliza with the title of this post. We were standing in the middle of the crowded street, commenting on all of the awesome costumes, and she noted one particularly excellent get-up and then added, "You know, some people just dress up as fabulous". What a perfect way to sum up the night.

Every year, West Hollywood hosts a massive Halloween "Carnaval" on a more than one-mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard. It is the largest Halloween street festival in the United States, so needless to say, I was pretty stoked to see what it was all about. The entire street is closed off; one end of the festival is about a mile west of our apartment, and the other end is on the street that marks the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills border.

The above photo is a completely inadequate representation of how enormous this festival was. Do you see the black line near the middle of the photo? I put that there to show when the crowd of people fades off into the distance - it doesn't actually end, that's just literally as far as the eye can see. Full of people. Same for the other direction. And a good ninety-five percent of them were wearing costumes. Excellence.

We started off the night at our apartment ("our" being Toby and myself) to celebrate our friend Adam's birthday (holy awesome date to be born on, Batman!). We made some frozen pizzas and tator tots, put candles on a cake, and had a few drinks before piling in to a cab that would bring us to the edge of the festival.

Thomson & Thompson
Eliza wielding a knife: surprisingly terrifying.

Traffic was awful (more than usual), even as far away as our apartment. We were lucky we didn't have to worry about parking. We had the cab drop us off a few blocks away, and from there just followed the flow of people and the sound of music (the streets were alive). And oh, oh, oh, I was not disappointed.

I feel there is nothing more I can do at this point than to post a montage of costume photos. Read the captions for more info if you so desire (hint: in these photos, if a person looks like a man, then they are a man. Even the Disney princesses (all of them). It is West Hollywood, after all (read the second sentence)).

Poncho Pilot (ask Toby)
Giant squid and woman being eaten by a giant anaconda

And now, a series of Voldemort photos:

End series.

This guy kept walking with the flow of the crowd and then turning around to face
 everyone so they had to walk around him. It was actually pretty creepy. 

This was a station that was set up so that people could go up and take a picture
pretending to be asleep

Thomson & Thompson found Tintin!
Okay, so this guy. This guy was in a $10,000 costume contest at the LMFAO show we were at on Saturday, and he lost to the an army guy that was dress up as a little army figurine toy, you know, the ones that are all green. Turns out, Tomatillo (that's what they called him, but I'm not entirely sure that's what his name is supposed to be) wasn't very happy about losing. It was really funny to run in to him in that giant crowd. 

Eliza took this nice very nice photo of Toby and me...
...and then Adam tried to show her how to take it "better" (the red and the shadow at the bottom are Adam's hands stuck inside of his costume, trying to hold the camera), causing Eliza to let a swear word fly...
...causing Toby and I to laugh our asses off..
...and continue laughing for quite some time. 

These flags are always up on the main drag of WeHo on SMB. 

Next, Thomson & Thompson found Captain Archibald!

Crazy cat lady and partly cloudy with a chance of rain (Cam, on the left)

We walked from one end to the other, and then headed up the hill to walk back to our apartment on Sunset Boulevard, where there was a whole separate party going on.

I inadvertently got a photo of this guy - see Captain America, over there near the right side? I just happened to be taking a photo up the hill, and he was sprinting down the entire thing back towards the festival. He ran by us a couple more times at full speed. 

Then Ke$ha needed to stop to take a rest. The squid joined her. 
Thomson & Thompson decided it was worth investigating 
And then the woman being eaten by an anaconda wanted to get in on the action

One interesting about Los Angeles is that there are massive posters and billboards everywhere, advertising movies and television shows. This one for The Muppet Movie takes up the entire side of a large building overlooking Sunset Boulevard. 
Giant squid, hiding and hunting his prey


In other news, D & L dressed up as a firefighter and a monkey for Halloween. Alas, I don't have photos, since I wasn't there when they got all dressed up, but I saw the costumes, and I assure you, they were adorbs. Toby and I have been watching a crap ton of Entourage (we're almost done with season three), and I have rediscovered my love of Ari Gold and all of his terrible-but-hot-if-you-like-angry-older-men greatness. There have been more beautiful sunsets, concert-going, and a trip to the LA zoo. I am consistently exhausted because Toby got semi-permanent work that pays well (yay!), but it's pretty far south, and we live near the westside, and I work on the eastside, so I've finally gotten to experience actual LA traffic (boo) - like, four-hours-a-day-in-the-car traffic. There have also been many early mornings and late nights. Luckily, it's given me lots of thinking time, and many insights into the car culture of my new city, so more words (and photos) to come on that. Repeat with me: I will post more, I will post more, I will post more. This wasn't as many words as I would have liked, but what are resolutions for if not to be broken? Next post.

Happy belated Halloween!