This past weekend, my friend Sarah came to visit (visit-ation, get it? Eh? Eh?). She is one of a trio of blondes, the other two being myself and our friend Lisa, that worked as camp counselors in Hawaii for two weeks, two summers in a row back in college. We have enjoyed our fair share of adventures together, and she was the first person to visit us in Los Angeles, so I was super excited to show her around. The weather, however, had its own agenda; not wanting to appear flaky or inconsistent, it decided to continue its trend of "rain a lot when friends come to visit". Friday was cloudy, and Sunday it poured. Luckily, Saturday allowed the sun to shine through the clouds for a bit, which meant I was able to show off the vistas, hills, and a glorious sunset to boot.

On Friday, I gave Sarah a driving tour of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and then we headed out to Santa Monica and up the PCH to Malibu for a little Zuma Beach/Point Dume Nature Reserve action.

We ended the night at The Grove, where Christmas is already in full swing. There are lights everywhere, Santa and his photographer have set up shop, and reindeer pulling a sleigh hover over a massive Christmas tree, which is next to a full igloo display advertising Happy Feet Two, which sits behind a giant fountain. All while Bing Crosby croons holiday tunes in the background.

And then bright lights turns on, and it snowed.

I was ecstatic.

Toby was not impressed.

Now I know where to go if I feel homesick for winter (ha).

Saturday, the sun was shinin' and we didn't waste a second of the day. We hopped right out of bed and over to Runyon Canyon.

This big mansion next to the trail has been empty since we moved here. 
And on the way home, we saw a little slice of autumn.

The reds, yellows, and oranges have been popping up with more frequency recently. Better late than never, especially when I have been hearing that autumn colors didn't exist in LA. It's a nice little seasonal shift, and it makes me feel more justified in having a new love for hot, caffeinated beverages.

We followed up the hike with a tour of Mulholland Drive.

Can you spot the Hollywood Sign?

The only way to successfully end a sunny day is to watch a successful sunset. Venice Beach did the trick.

In lieu of snow, Angelenos pile up giant mounds of sand during the winter and sled down them. I've seen this on at least three occasions in the past couple of weeks, and I can't wait to do it myself. 

Toby loves holding my purse for me while I take photos

The canals in Venice Beach - hence the name. 

Venice Beach, keepin' it classy. A street performer's audience was broken up by a fire truck and an ambulance driving onto the strand. Emergency unknown. 

As we sat watching the sunset, giant flocks of seagulls flew over us to join a big clump of birds high in the sky. I'm assuming it was fish-related. 

Successful weekend. Love ya, Sisi =]

Also going on in my life right now: la familia is coming to visit for Thanksgiving, I just bought myself a new lens (for way too much money - thankfully, most of it was a gift), we bought a new comforter (or duvet, or whatever it is; I still don't know the difference) from Crate and Barrel, which means I am officially a REAL adult, and it still hasn't real-snowed here. Did I mention that yet? Here, let me mention it again. It hasn't snowed. Nor is it cold. Chilly? Sure. Cold? Noperoonski.

Some things I'm diggin':

:: Yet another reason I wish I owned a television.

:: I'm a sucker for mash-ups and pop music

:: I also enjoy quotes.

:: A cute owl video - kinda makes me want to become a witch and go to Hogwarts. Or maybe just find an apartment building that allows me to own unordinary pets.

:: An inspiring film to go with an inspiring poster.

Congrats! You made it through Monday!