I just made a Tenth Day of January resolution (I realized it is the Eleventh Day of January, but I started this post yesterday): write more. I tend to think of ideas, let them simmer for...well, weeks, and then write an incredibly long, sometimes rambling, post. Instead, I'm going to try my best to write something every day, even if it's a short little ditty (and don't worry, by "ditty", I do not mean "song" - no one wants to be subjected to that). 

To start this resolution off right, below is a list of things I'm diggin' right now. I usually link a few of these at the end of my posts, but this week I have been accumulating links much more quickly than any writing has been happening, so I'm going to chunk them all into their own post instead. Enjoy!

:: OmmWriter: a free download that makes everything else on your desktop disappear so you can write in peace without the distractions of a million tabs and applications.

:: Along the same lines, The Writer's Manifesto, by a great blogger I just discovered, Jeff Goins.

:: And further along those same lines, a creative video that someone made from the audio clip of an Ira Glass (from This American Life) piece on storytelling.

:: Professional photos from Barbie and Ken's wedding. It is what you think it is. And they actually look like professional wedding photos, and it's actually really funny. 

:: Tomato vs. Tortoise. Nom nom nom. 

:: What happens in book stores after hours

:: The five best workout spots for celebrity sightings - I post this because the first one is my regular workout spot, Runyon Canyon. I can't vouch for the rest of places, but the article is at least right about that one. 

:: "If animals were able to talk"...I'd be laughing every day, nonstop.  

:: A blog post about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I am an incredibly anxious person, and it's pretty hard to find anything to combat my mind and calm me down. I saw this a couple of days ago, and at first I was a bit skeptical - it's all about tapping on meridian points, essentially trying to get the same effect as acupuncture - but I gave it a try, because at this point, I'm willing to try almost anything. And... it actually worked! It might have been because I really, really wanted it to work, or it might have been because it's actually legitimate; who knows. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think (use the video at the bottom).

:: I cannot get enough of adorable animal videos. This one is about a bulldog named Gus versus a kiddy pool. He's actually a pretty smart dog. Kind of. 

:: A HILARIOUS Craigslist ad for a used yoga mat. I did hot yoga a lot last winter, and this guy nails it (except I happen to enjoy the experience, whereas he obviously did not). 

:: Downtown LA isn't by the ocean because its Spanish creators wanted to avoid pirate attacks. Reason #179 LA is awesome. There's also no need to click on that link, because I just told you the most interesting part of the story. 

:: I love Kelle Hampton and her blog, and I wanted to spread the word about her fund to support the National Down Syndrome Society. Spread the love, donate if you can, and then read some of Kelle's blog posts and look at her beautiful photos of her adorable girls. 

:: A video about a girl who backpacked solo through Iceland. 

That's all, folks. Happy Tuesday!