Dream Big

I follow/get weekly emails from a blog named Tiny Buddha. As luck would have it, the day after completely opening up and making myself vulnerable to the world (aka: my mom, my boyfriend, and the "other people" who read this blog), this is what was in the Tiny Buddha email I received today. Don't you love it when the universe works like that?

So now...moving right along. Much to your chagrin, I'm sure, my previous post is not a sign that this blog is going become a journal about the anxiety-riddled, hypochondriac-infused wonderings of a twenty-something. I have other things going on in my life, like this:

hollywood hills

Chances are, the above photo doesn't at first appear to be especially exciting. Sure, there are palm trees, which are always fun. And can you spot the helicopter (a ubiquitous and rather constant presence here in Los Angeles) hovering high in the sky? That's cool too. But the part of this photo that I am the most drawn to is actually in the background, and is almost completely hidden. If you look closely, behind the alluring palm fronds, you'll notice a chunk of greenery and tiny houses (which are the opposite of tiny in real life) jutting up into the blue sky. That chunk, my friends, is part of the Hollywood Hills.

The annoying roof and the peachish-colored building getting in the way of the view? That would be my apartment building.

We live on the second floor of a two-story, completely outdoors apartment complex. Our walkway faces north, and since we live only three blocks from the base of the hills, I am able to get a glimpse of them as I come and go. Sometimes I don't notice they're there. But other times, especially at night, I happen to glance up and see the late afternoon sun glinting off of the massive windows of the mansions, or the lights from the 1200-square-foot living rooms glimmering down at me like a beacon, crooning, "Look at what we have achieved".

This ever-present reminder of the fact that I am downhill looking up may sound depressing, but actually...I find it to be kind of inspirational. Not in the "I wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad" way, but in the "hey look, maybe someday I'll be successful and have a pretty house with a view of the sun setting on the ocean from twelve miles away" way. It's something to which I can aspire. Yes, living in a city full of shiny, expensive cars and infinity pools has the potential be disheartening, especially since I don't even own a television, but only if I choose to let it be. There aren't many places in the world where success is as blatantly obvious as it is in LA, and it may be naïve of me to think I could ever get to that point (or it may simply be the fact that I am a part of the YouTube generation), but seeing success everywhere motivates me and gives me hope. At the end of a long day, it's nice to stroll along the walkway to my apartment (outside in January, no less), and look up at the lights adorning the hills and think, "Maybe someday that'll be me".

Because we all know novelists live in mansions in the Hollywood Hills. Hey, a girl can dream.

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Happy MLK Day! Sweet (and hopefully big) dreams!