Hangin' With Holga


This week was a busy week. I worked more than usual, and actually felt productive about organizing my life. Go January!

Last weekend I FINALLY brought my Holga in to the Lomography store to get my first roll of film developed.

manhattan beach pier holga

Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself: What are all those strange words she just wrote? Holga? Lomography? What the hell is film?

This is a Holga:


My Holga was the lucky recipient of an impulse buy at National Camera Exchange in downtown Minneapolis, back when I had some disposable cash to play with. I went with the straight-up black that you see in the picture above, because I was a little intimidated by the whole film photography thing, and I didn't want to stand out when I used it so that no one would come up to me and try to talk shop. I'm shy like that. I'm regretting the decision a little bit now, because I actually think it'd be awesome to have one that looks like this:

Right? It's like an Easter egg, but rectangular and on crack! I'll have to save this purchase for a future rainy day when I can justify dropping $60 on another pretty piece of plastic.

...where was I?

Ah yes, my classy black Holga. So I bought it, and then I didn't use it for a year. I occasionally carried it around with me with the intention of snapping some photos, but it never happened. Then a few weeks ago I finally brought it with me on a trip to Manhattan Beach and forced myself to give it a whirl. You guys, it's really intimidating! I'm so not used to taking a picture and then not being able to see the instant result. And when you push down on the shutter button, it makes a dull, anticlimactic clicking noise. I found myself saying, "Welp, guess we'll see how that one turned out later!" multiple times. You can also do double exposures, which means taking two or more pictures that are superimposed over one another, or half exposures (made that one up, I don't think that's a real term) so one half of the picture is of one thing, and the other half is of something else. I tried a few of those out, which you'll see below...you'll notice that though the intention was there, the result wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I knew this roll of film could be a total crapshoot, but I think they turned out pretty well for my first time ever using the camera.

And Lomography? "Lomography is a magazine, a shop, and a community dedicated to analogue photography" (straight from the horse's...web site). Couldn't have said it better myself. I first heard about Lomography a year or two ago in an email from Photojojo, an INSANELY awesome web site dedicated to fun photo projects, accessories, gear, trinkets, etc. They have an online store, too, and I would buy everything they sell if I had enough moolah. I originally thought that Lomography was just an online thing, but then I moved out here, and guess what? There is a Lomography Gallery Store half a mile away from my apartment, an easy walk that takes less than ten minutes. And they develop the film from my Holga. And they just opened another store in Santa Monica as well. Reason #222 that Los Angeles is the shit.

So long story short: I finally finished off the roll of film, brought it in to the Lomography store, and yesterday received the scanned images in an email. After I get done writing this post, I'm going to walk on down to the store and pick up the prints. This could get incredibly addicting, very, very quickly. Wait a minute...yep, I'm hooked.

Wanna see them? Okay, okay, calm down. Here they are (funny story: I bought the camera so long ago that I forgot the film I purchased was black and white; I was expecting color pictures. Surprise!):

manhattan beach holga
Love this one

snowfest 2011 holga
This is from Snowfest

manhattan beach holga
ice chunks
These are chunks of ice -they make very interesting photography subjects, obviously

sunglasses holga

manhattan beach pier holga

starbucks holga

You like? I do. I bought three rolls of color film when I dropped this roll off, so more to come. Much, much more.

Something I'm diggin' right now:

A crazy cool skiing documentary about the crazy amounts of snow that so many areas in the United States got last year.

It's pretty fun to watch.

Happy TGIF!

rock star holga