The Happiness Project: January: Organization

I've mentioned a few times now that I am starting my own Happiness Project, inspired by a book of the same name. I know that if I make it too detailed, I will get overwhelmed and end up not doing it, so I've decided to keep it simple. Each month is going to have a theme, and I will create a list of projects I want to do, habits I want to start, etc. that go along with that theme.

January's theme: Organization.

I have a lot of physical and mental clutter. Even when I appear calm on the outside, my mind is usually a beehive of thoughts that buzz around my head so loudly that I'm unable to sit and be present in any given moment. It even makes it hard to sit still and blog. So I decided to begin the year by reducing that clutter as much as possible, which I think will make all of the other months' themes go much more smoothly. This month involves cleaning up my many piles and messes (which Toby affectionately calls my "explosions"), organizing everything on my computer (especially photos), buying/creating storage devices so that future explosions don't occur, and pushing all of the clutter out of my brain and onto physical hand-written lists. Because I am a major list person. Major.

One of the blogs I follow recently posted a great piece about de-cluttering for the new year, and if you've been feeling overwhelmed like me, I'd recommend checking it out. 

I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm planning on getting a lot done! Wish me luck. Happy Thursday!