Hey Girl

And now, time for something completely shallow. If you pay any attention to pop culture like me (ugh, I pay so much attention to it), then you know of the "Hey Girl" (warning: f-bomb usage) Ryan Gosling meme. What you may not know is that R-Gos himself has chuckled and read his way through a few of them, on camera. It's like reading them to yourself, but in Ryan Gosling's voice.

The real reason I'm posting these videos (both of which are pretty old, which means I caught on to this whole fad waaaay too late in the game) is that I enjoy it when celebrities acknowledge the ridiculous things people create in order to pay homage to them. Also, in the second video below, he turns beet red and laughs so hard that it's almost (almost) unattractive. And he snorts. It's just so...human of him.

Anyway, enjoy. Or not. Your choice.