Hollywood Reservoir

I swear that someday I'm going to stop talking about this, but I've had a lot of time to think in the past week, what with being unendingly, infinitely, forever-til-the-end-of-time sick and all, so I just need to say it again: 80 and sunny in the middle of winter is pretty damn cool (even though it's technically "uncool"...get it? Get it?).

I just read this post over on the blog Yes and Yes, and it was such a great reminder of how much I do not miss anything about "real" winter. I've been pretty whiny this week, about how it's so nice outside, and why am I not healthy enough to have a beach day like we planned, and why do I have to be inside in bed wasting days like this? Toby has continually had to direct me back to my very own blog post, written only four days ago, about how it's going to be the exactly the same weather tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, so it's okay to miss a few days every now and again.

We had all sorts of grandiose plans to do an all-out beach day this weekend, which would have consisted of actually getting there in the morning, staking claim to a spot, and then spending the whole day eating, reading, and going in the ocean (that last part wouldn't have involved me; just Toby and his wetsuit). Needless to say, that didn't happen. I spent the first part of Saturday morning trying to convince myself that I wasn't too sick, but then my eyes started to turn red and ache because I was coughing so much, and I had to give in to reality.

Still, I've pushed myself to get out a bit, and even a couple of hours being in the outside world has tempered my insanity. On Saturday, I peeled myself out of bed and Toby and I drove to the Hollywood Reservoir, which I have been wanting to check out ever since our visit to California in April.

Can you spot the Hollywood sign?
It's a lake! But in the middle of the hills in Southern California! I would have had no idea this existed if we hadn't hiked up behind the Hollywood sign in April:

No Trespassing

It was super peaceful and quiet with ducks swimming everywhere and lots of tall, green lake grasses swaying in the breeze. You can't walk around the entire circumference because some of the gates are closed, but there's a stretch of road about 1.6 miles long that we walked along, down and back. It was almost too much activity for my sick body, but it was so nice be out in the fresh air.

We were hoping I'd be well enough to have a beach day today, but that ain't happening.

Back to being sick! Happy Sunday!