Sickness & Sunshine

It's currently seventy-eight degrees and sunny outside...and I'm in bed with a fever. What's a girl to do?

I'm not sure I'm ever going to adjust to the whole "nice weather every day" thing. In Minnesota, there was no guarantee that a beautiful, sunny, seventy degree day wasn't going to be followed up by a ninety-degree-with-one-hundred-percent-humidity day or a thirty-degree-with-winter-storm-warning day. Here in Los Angeles, though, it's sunny and in the seventies almost all the time.

How do I get over my inner anxiety monster telling me that I must embrace every beautiful day when every day is beautiful? That, my friends, is the question.

This is the current view out of my bedroom window:

Isn't it cruel? It's taunting me as I lay here with my headache and sore throat. I showed this picture to my friend Caitlin, who said that the sun looks like "summer sun", which in Minnesota terms means "warm, sit-on-a-blanket-outside-by-the-lake" sun. And that's exactly what it is, except here, you'd be sitting by the ocean instead of the lake. I would love to be by the ocean right now. But let's be real, every sunny day leads to an ocean craving. Especially a day with crystal clear blue skies like this one.

My life is hard, ya dig?

As I lay here in the glowy sunlight, warm breezes keep wafting through my open window, and I can hear birds chirping and people talking and cars driving. It's like it's summer. So why am I complaining? I'd rather be experiencing this (even with all its messiness):

Yes, that is a banana peel on the floor. 
...than this:

That window at the end of the alley? That was my bedroom window last winter.
 I know this looks beautiful, but it didn't go away for five months.  
I guess the solution is to appreciate each beautiful day, get outside when I can, and accept when I can't, because at least in LA, there's always tomorrow.
Something I'm diggin' right now: a series of sky photos by a photographer named Eric Cahan. There are so many different color combinations, and the photos are from all over the world (although a lot of them are here in California!). It's a stunning collection. I'd really like to do a series like it someday.

I leave you with another pretty scene from my bedroom window: last night's sunset (yet another moment I had a beach craving...I'm sensing a theme here).


Happy sick hump day!