I got this idea from the blog Sometimes Sweet, which I just started reading a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying.

It seems like a good way to attempt to jump start my blogging motivation, which, just in case you haven't noticed, has been lacking lately. I'm in a funk, people. Plod, plod, plod. 

Obsessing over: starting a business. Something boutiquey and creative. More to come. 

Working on: nothing. But that's about to change. 

Thinking about: someday living by the beach. Every time I go to a beach town, I make a mental checklist of what I like and don't like. My favorite town right now is Manhattan Beach, which is in the South Bay here in the LA area. I change my mind a lot, though. At the end of the day, I just want to be near the ocean; to be able to see it, smell it, and listen to it every day. Luckily, even though I live further inland right now, it's still not too much of a hassle for me to get out to the coast, like I spontaneously did after I finished work yesterday:

manhattan beach

Anticipating: the days getting longer. It's already started happening, but I can't wait for that extra hour of light to be added on to the end of the day again. I've come to dread the sun setting for some reason...I think it's because every day here is so beautiful that I don't want the sunlight to go away. 

Listening to: fun. Yes, you heard me right, fun. No capitalization, with a period on the end. It's a band that was started a couple of years ago by Nate Ruess, currently of The Format, who I also love and suggest listening to. You may recognize the most recent fun. single from this Chevy commercial (especially if you watch a lot of shows on Hulu):

It's a great song, and when I found out it was sung by Nate Ruess's new group, I was tres excited. I'm about two years behind on this whole fun. thing, but I'm stoked to have finally discovered it. If you are looking for new workout music, I would strongly recommend anything by this guy.

Eating: clementines and chocolate. So. Much. Chocolate. 

Wishing: that I had worked out today. For some reason, totally free days (I didn't have work today) are the days I end up being the least productive. That's gotta change.

Happy Friday!