This is going to be a quickie, because I slept in and then lazed around instead of getting all of the tasks done that I had planned for today. In honor of not having work on a Friday, I'm going to go to the beach and read all of the magazines that have been piling up under my nightstand for the past month. For some reason, I decided it was a good idea to get like...five magazine subscriptions (two, actually, but five sounds more convincing). It's good in theory, but then I don't actually take the time to read them, because they look so pretty just sitting there in a neat pile, and I am enjoying looking forward to reading them, so I can't ruin that by actually doing it. Come on. 

Ah, digressing. One of my favorite past times. What I really came here to do is to share with you all of the many links that have been gathering in a folder on my desktop. I'm going to purge them here, so I can finally be done with them. They're your burden now. Lucky for you, it's a good burden, because these are all very enjoyable links.

:: A blog that is simply photos of a dog standing on various objects around the country. So cute, though I can't figure out how they got the dog to actually stand still long enough to be photographed. 

:: If you watched the Superbowl (I didn't), you've already seen this, but: dogs barking the Star Wars theme.

:: Last dog link, promise: underwater photos of dogs.

:: My wonderful artist friend Eliza wrote a blog post about the children's book she is currently writing and illustrating, and used this Calvin and Hobbes comic to demonstrate how she's currently feeling (I can totally relate, and I'm not even working on a project!):

Courtesy of Bill Watterson, obviously, but I have no link to give you

:: Dianna Agron, of Glee fame, started a web site named You, Me & Charlie, and it's full of inspiration and stories and creativity. Plus its name has a cute background story.

:: Defining that indefinable "it".

:: If you like the show New Girl with Zooey Deschanel, you'll like this interactive music video.

:: I cannot get enough of this beautiful song cover!!

:: This quote fits perfectly with this post about working to get lucky that I wrote earlier this week. 

:: A funny, fictional essay (don't worry, all you impatient internet multitaskers, it's not too long!) about competitive relationship-ping at a dinner party.

:: I really miss Whose Line Is It Anyway? - I always ran across reruns of it while channel surfing on random evenings of the week in college. This scene is a good one.

:: Don't Call Me Oscars. I don't have a good description for this one - just go there, and you'll chuckle. My favorite is the one with George Clooney (ha, got your attention!). 

:: "Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow." - Unknown. Truth.

:: Adulting.  

Happy Friday! Ocean, here I come!