Pretty Poem

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed The Oscars last night; I know I did. I may have even teared up a few times. Don't judge. 

I don't have a lot of time, because I'm attempting to start off the week by being extra productive in hopes that it'll stick and become a habit, but I just read this poem (really an excerpt from an entire book written in verse) by Rebecca Lindenberg, and I had to share:


I woke in a gold dress,
you, in jeans.

Morning filled
wine bottles in the kitchen.

Fine mica glitter
of fish scales and salt.

Outside, it was quiet.

You said: That went well, 
don’t you think?

Sun behind you

I kissed the hole in the light
and said: Yes.

Isn't that beautiful? I love the last part, about kissing the hole in the light. What a lovely way to start the morning.

A couple of other poems I've enjoyed lately: one by Rudyard Kipling and another by Walt Whitman

Now I'm off to exercise and organize and buy a parking pass for Toby's new car! We're officially a two-car household, and also officially car-dependent Angelenos. Goooo us. 

Have a wonderful day!