Discover LA's Photo Of The Day!

Today was One Of Those Days.

It was my last day of housesitting, which meant I had to do a final, big (self-imposed) cleaning. I vacuumed, I wiped, I swept, and I laundried. I scooped poop, scooped litter, packed and took the trash out.

I also broke a giant glass vase, followed shortly thereafter by a glass doorknob.

I know, right? A doorknob. You might be asking yourself, "But do you break a doorknob?". Answer: with my butt. I tripped over a garbage can on the way to the washing machine (sigh) and my butt ran into the doorknob and broke it clean off.

And THEN I walked upstairs to find that one of the cats had puked not once, but twice, on the clean sheets I had just put on the bed an hour before. So I re-laundried.

One Of Those Days.

I went a whole week without a single mishap, and on my last day, the house fell apart around me.

All right, fine, I'm exaggerating. But I'm tired.

So anyway, I finally finished with everything, wearily lugged all of my stuff to the car, drove back to my building, and lugged all of my stuff into my apartment. I contemplated just going to bed, but I decided to check my email. And I'm glad I did, because I found out that one of my photos was selected to be Discover LA's Photo of the Day today!

This photo, to be exact:

beach toys - santa monica

How fun is that?! It totally made me smile, take a deep breath, and remember that there's a silver lining to every cloud. Or in this case, to every puddle of cat puke. Yum.

So I feel a bit better. Nothing like ending a crappy day with a little photo love from the internet. Thanks, Discover LA!

And now, bed.