Dog's Eye View of Runyon Canyon

This will really only be relevant to anyone who lives in the greater Los Angeles area, but the video below is pretty darn cute, so make sure you have a lil' looksie (apparently you have to click on it to watch it on YouTube; lo siento, amigos).

Runyon Canyon is my regular hiking/exercise spot, and there are always millions and trillions of doggies there, running around with their tails and tongues wagging. It's cool to see the hike from their point of view. Look at his little flopply (yes, I meant to put that "l" in there) ears! If you like dogs, and/or would secretly like to be one (What? That doesn't apply to me...), you should watch this. Enjoy!

P.S. I need to ask you to cut me some slack for my major off this week; I'm housesitting, they own a television, and the rest is history. Happy weekend!