Holga Colorization

You guys! I just got some more Holga pictures back from the lab, and I'm so excited. Remember my first foray into finally using my Holga? The whole time I thought I had been using color film, but then I got the photos back, and surprise! They were black and white! It all worked out, because the black and  white ones looked really cool, but I made sure to buy some color film to use the next time around.

A couple of exposures on this roll ended up being a bit iffy...I'm not sure if it was the film itself, or just the way I was holding the camera, but there are some shaky shots. One exposure ended up being completely blank, which probably meant I thought I had taken a picture already and wound it to the next exposure. I'm still figuring out a good method for keeping track of whether or not I have already used each exposure...the Holga definitely requires much more conscious action than my digital camera.

Anyway, here are the photos! Keep in mind that I didn't do any editing on any of these - this is just how they turned out. In this day and age of making tweaks and doing a lot of work to get photos to look a certain way, I think it's pretty cool to just take pictures and have them look like this straight off the film.

holga universal city overlook
Universal City Overlook

Now I know what happens when I take a picture directly into the sunlight

holga santa monica
Sunset in Santa Monica

Walking around the Hollywood Reservoir

holga hollywood sign
The path around the Hollywood Reservoir - see the sign?

hollywood reservoir holga
Hollywood Reservoir, through the chain link fence

santa monica holga
My favorite one from this roll! Taken south of Santa Monica, of the pier and the SM Mountains in the background. I love the vintage coloring and how crisp it is. 

holga manhattan beach pier
Obvious shakiness going on in this one - taken from Manhattan Beach Pier
holga manhattan beach pier
I like how I caught the seagull in mid-...squawk? Screech? Caw? What sound do seagulls make?

I'm in love with you, Holga. Thank you for coming into my life.

Happy Tuesday!

holga santa monica