I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Beautiful B&W

Hi all! Just boppin' in to tell you that I've finally gotten around to submitting a photo for an I Heart Faces Photo Challenge! I've been following their blog/challenges for quite some time, but I've never participated because I didn't think any of my photos were good enough, and I'm a leeeetle bit lazy. No more, I say!

This week's challenge is Beautiful Black & White, and I have the perfect shot for it:

I love this photo of Toby. It makes him look scruffy and weathered (two pretty amazing feats, considering the fact that he's wearing a PBR hat), and it really shows off his freckles. I also think his facial expression is fantastic: chill, with a little hint of wiseness and a brow that is slightly furrowed against the elements (the sunset to his left). It ages him, but in a good way. 

Make sure to check out I Heart Faces, and join in on the challenges if you're feelin' sassy!

Photo Challenge Submission