Photo Grid/Collage

Lookie what Rachel just learned how to make in Lightroom 3!

first grid!

I have been trying to figure this out forever; I don't have Photoshop, which is what most people use to make photo grids, but I do have Lightroom, which is also Adobe, so I figured there had to be a way. I would like to thank my master Googling skills and the fine person who took the time to write an easy-to-read blog post on this topic.

Ugh. I am so happy right now.

Click here for really easy, step-by-step instructions on how to make a photo grid in Lightroom 3.
Click here for a cool photo grid print preset that you can play around with.

Happy day!

P.S. I also just used a bit of my tax return to splurge on this lens. Stoked!