Temporary Motivation Deprivation

I have to confess something: I'm just not feelin' it right now.

Do you ever have those days (or weeks) when you drag and drag and drag, and nothing seems to get done, and the activities you usually enjoy doing don't sound enticing?

I'm having one of those days. Or weeks.

Like I mentioned before, I'm house sitting this week. I'm taking care of ten cats, two dogs, and two birds, cleaning up body fluids left and right (the animals', not mine), and getting some minor office work done for my employers, and it's definitely been enough work to keep me busy, but this week has still been a little break from my routine. I've completely enjoyed it, but it's also thrown my brain out of wack, because while I am technically working, it's a different kind of working. And, like I also mentioned, they have a television. And cable. Cue Rachel sitting on the couch in sweats under a blanket with a remote surfing through 5000 channels.

I had all sorts of plans for this week. I brought my yoga mat with me, packed a bunch of my work out clothes, and hauled my giant stack of unread magazines along with me in my backpack. None of those things have gotten touched (with the exception of my work out clothes, because we did actually go on a hike a couple of days ago).

It is SO EASY for me to push everything aside and just...sit. Which would be fine, except it turns out I don't do so well with sitting. Guilt starts to creep in, along with the nagging feeling that I could be doing a lot more with my life than watching the second half of Raising Helen just because I stumbled upon it during my aforementioned channel surfing (John Corbett, you get me every time). Then the nagging and guilt turn to remorse and anger, all turned inward of course, and from there it's a pretty quick trip to self loathing and depression.

All from sitting on a couch.

I guess that's why I make a constant effort to find activities to do, places to go, people to see. As much as sitting around sounds like a good idea at the beginning of the day, and as much as sometimes it's incredibly difficult to get dressed and get out the door, deep down I know that I will be a much happier and saner person if I get up off mah butt and just DO something. ANYTHING. Anything at all. Like seriously...anything. For example, I felt like a lump all day until I finally got up and drove to the bank to make a deposit. And that one small action motivated me to finally decided to write a blog post. So...anything.

Thanks for listening! You always know how to make me feel better.

Some upcoming schtuff for your reading/viewing enjoyment:

:: I'm finally making some moves to open an Etsy shop! I ordered the same photo from a few different online printing web sites to compare quality/price, and I'm reading up on a bunch of info from Etsy about running my store.

:: San Francisco photos! I took a bajillion, and I finally finished going through them, so I'll be sharing them with you soon.

:: I'm going to be adding some tabs to the top of my blog in the next couple of weeks to cover some of the regular segments I find myself doing (A Meal Well Eaten, Exploration) as well as a couple more segments I plan on adding, so stay tuned for that.

And as always, please feel free to fling my blog far and wide across the internet; let your friends know it exists, like it on Stumbleupon/whatever other sites you may use, follow it via email or Google Reader, etc. etc. I'm having a great time writing this blog, and I hope you're enjoying it as well!

I leave you with teaser photo from San Francisco. Happy first week of spring!

san francisco