Weekend Slice

This weekend was absolutely awesometasticfabulous, in every sense of the word(s).

As I mentioned, our friend Jon was in town, and our goal for four straight days was to show him a good time. I'd like to think we were successful. I took a gazillion photos that I am uploading to my computer as I write this. They'll be ready...soonish. 

I took the weekend off from writing, and I noticed it. I'm taking that as a good sign; it means I've started incorporating the act of writing into my life enough for it to be missed when it doesn't happen. I also thought a lot about how hard it is to find time to write extensively in this busy world in which we live. I'll be honest: the thought of writing this blog post was rather tiring. I have laundry to do, I'm busy cleaning up our apartment, and I'm trying to figure out how to open an Etsy shop (!!) so I can try to earn a little more cashola. Chores need to be done, and errands need to be run. Sitting down at the computer to actually do something substantial (as opposed to sitting down and immediately getting sucked into the FacebookTwitterPinterestBlog vortex) is easy to push to the bottom of the list of priorities. March 13th Resolution: adjust priorities.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive! We didn't get much sleep this weekend, and the whole springing forward thing that happened on Sunday is making me all wonky, so bear with me for the next few days. 

Here's a tasty little slice of my weekend (much more to come):

Happy Tuesday!