In Which Ke$ha, As Always, Speaks The Truth

Hidy ho! Just dropping in to leave a quick little photo that I snapped with my cellie (people still use that word, right?) today. Normal LA weather has returned (it's been cloudy and chilly for the past week, and I've been dyyyyiiiinnng), so I went on a triumphant, sunshiney hike at Runyon to celebrate.

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You can't tell in this photo, but there is SNOW on the mountains to the right, because it friggin' precipitated here three different times last week. I thought the world was ending. 


I leave you with a quote by the ever-wise, ever-pertinent, ever-crazyalcoholicfabulous Ke$ha (legitimate blog posts are on their way, I promise):

"I'm in love, all ri-i-i-ight, with my crazy, beautiful life."

Happy Monday!