Master Chef

Yesterday I cooked dinner, and it was glorious.

instagram food

Here's what's up in my life right now: whenever I take the time to cook, I thoroughly enjoy it. However...I rarely to never take the time to cook. By dinner time, I'm always so hungry that I just want to shovel food into my mouth, and I'm not willing to wait an extra half an hour to do it. This results in many frozen and boxed meals (along with a random vegetable or two) being quickly prepared and consumed instead of savored and enjoyed. 

Last night, I took the time to actually prepare a home cooked meal, and it was so worth it. I discovered a recipe for parmesan roasted broccoli and onions via a tweet from Real Simple, and I decided to add to the meal by sautéing some vegetables  (sautéed veggies and scrambled eggs are my specialties) and cooking some rice (as seen above). I watched an episode of Mad Men on my computer while I chopped and measured. I set timers, stirred and tossed, and opened the oven to allow the delicious smell of vegetables soaked in olive oil and grated parmesan to waft through the air. It was so relaxing, and the whole time I kept thinking to myself, Why do I not do this more often?

I know why: it all comes down to priorities. Right now, and for several months, my priorities have been my Hulu queue, reading articles and blogs, and obsessively checking Facebook. I've been rethinking and retooling those priorities as of late, and have slowly but surely been making some serious changes in my life. I still watch mucho, mucho television (on my computer - we don't own a TV); that I cannot deny. But did I mention that a few weeks ago, I wrote the first two pages of the novel I've been wanting to write since I was fourteen? I've also been working out more. I've also been buying tons of fruit every few days, and I've actually been eating it (instead of letting it sit and rot on my desk, which may or may not have been a very common occurrence during my college years). 

And then last night, I cooked. 

Radical, rapid overhauls are ridiculously impossible; baby steps and moderation equal success. The perfectionist in me craves the former, but I'm learning to accept and live by the latter, and I have to say, it's working out quite nicely. 

The onions and broccoli ended up being a little overcooked, but it was still delicious.
P.S. Do you see how many friggin' vegetables there are on that plate? Hell yeah. 

instagram game of thrones
I finished cooking, poured myself a glass of wine, and ended the whole process by watching Game of Thrones with Toby. When in doubt: reward yourself. 
Happy Thursday!

P.S. Total side note: as I was writing this, Magda let out a string of loud, angry Russian words in her apartment beneath me. She does this fairly often, and I want to know: who is she yelling at? She lives with and takes care of two weak, tiny, ancient women; please tell me she's not yelling at them. She. Terrifies. Me.