Exploration: The Lair at the LA Zoo

The Lair, a new exhibit featuring amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles, opened a couple of months ago at the LA Zoo. The family I nanny for has a membership, so by default I am too, and members had the opportunity to visit The Lair the day before it opened. Field trip!

I love the LA Zoo. It's a giant, winding loop that goes up and down a hill (which it shares with Griffith Park), with lots of little off-shoot loops full of animals. It's difficult to see the whole thing in one trip, especially with two preschoolers, so we've gone multiple times, and each time has been a different experience.

The meerkats' home is near the entrance, and they're always out and about, peering curiously at their audience

The Lair is located fairly close to the entrance, and most of it is indoors, which was nice for us, because the day we went it was unseasonably hot.

Though I prefer cute and cuddly over scaly, I have to admit, this exhibit was pretty cool. The boys couldn't stop running from one exhibit to another and back again, shouting, "Rachel, look at this!" as they smooshed their faces up against the glass.

I don't remember what this guy was called, but he was creepin' in the back of the case, underwater, the whole time
See him, hidden just underneath the water line?

They kept saying, "Rachel, would you want this in your house?", and I'd always respond with "Ewwww, nooooooo!", sending them into a fit of giggles. I adore the fact that jokes never get old with them. It makes my job of entertaining a breeze. =]

One of the nicest things about the exhibit was that it wasn't too long; you can only hold kids' attention for a certain amount of time before they want to move on to new visual stimulation, and just as D&L were hitting that point, we came to the end.

Soon we were back outside at a shady picnic table, eating lunch.

A good time was had by all; if you're in the LA area, go check out The Lair!