Monday Blues

I, like the majority of the adult population, am not the biggest fan of Mondays. I like my job and the week always goes by fast, so I don't really have a rational explanation for my beginning of the work week lack of enthusiasm, but it's still there, rearing its ugly head every Sunday evening and Monday morning. Maybe it's just habit.

In an effort to fight back the Monday blues, I need something from you: tell me your favorite thing(s) about Mondays. It can be anything, from a tiny detail to a general sense of how you feel about the day. Enough with the Monday negativity, I say! Extra points if you are a weirdo and love Mondays and can list several things.

Mine: Monday is a fresh start, when I try to start all of my new habits or lifestyle changes, such as drinking more water during the day or making my bed in the morning (dream big).

Happy Monday!